Frequently Asked Questions


You say GoToFile keeps the index in memory. Isn't that very wasteful?
We tried to keep the memory footprint as low as possible. An index of ~250,000 files will occupy about 70MiB of RAM. For comparison, Safari — without opening a single page — will set you back ~200MiB.
I have a file "File with Long Name" and I'd like it to show up first when I enter the first character of each word.
Just enter the first characters in upper case: "FWLN" will still find any item with these characters but it will return items with these characters at the beginning of word boundaries first. This also works for file names in CamelCase.
An app has installed its presets in my Documents folder and these files are littering the result list. Ho can I get rid of them?
If you want to permanently remove items from this folder from your search results you can exclude this folder by clicking on the relevant path component and selecting "Add to list of excluded folders". To ignore this folder only temporarily you can select "Ignore items below this folder" from the same menu instead. Press ⌘⎋ to clear this filter again.
I have excluded the Library folder from searches. But there is one folder inside Library which I'd like to search. How can this be done?
Add this folder to the list of search folders and drag it before your home folder.
I have configured a long list of excluded items for a search folder. Now I need to add another folder and I'd like it to have the same list of exclusions. Do I have to configure these all over again?
No. Drag the already configured search folder on (not below, not above: on!) the new one. All settings (excluded subfolders and rules) will be applied to the new folder.

Payment / Licenses

I bought GoToFile and have received a license key. What am I supposed to do with it?
Keep it safe. At the moment GoToFile works without a license key but this will change.


How do I uninstall GoToFile?
This is not exactly a frequently asked question, but It might be of interest to some.

To completely remove GoToFile from your computer move it to the Trash. To delete the preferences open and enter:

defaults delete com.soma-zone.GoToFile

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.soma-zone.GoToFile.plist